The Risk of Developing Dementia Could Increase if You Have This Common Habit

The Risk of Developing Dementia Could Increase if You Have This Common Habit

There are about 10 million cases of dementia that are reported every year around the globe, and Alzheimer’s is the most common form. Dementia is a syndrome that deteriorates the patient’s thinking, memory, behaviour, and even the ability to perform common everyday tasks.
Getting enough sleep at night plays a major role in the health of individuals, as doing otherwise could develop some very serious medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. But according to a new study that The New York Times wrote about, we may need to add another dangerous condition to that list.

Can short sleep increase the risk of developing dementia?

Pamela Lutsey, who is an associate professor of epidemiology and community health from the University of Minnesota, declared:

The study found a modest, but I would say somewhat important association of short sleep and dementia risk.

She also added:

Short sleep is very common and because of that, even if it’s modestly associated with dementia risk, it can be important at a societal level. Short sleep is something that we have control over, something that you can change.

However, there’s no use starting to panic just yet. It’s exaggerated to say for sure that not getting enough sleep will bring you dementia at some point in life, as most of the sleep data of those surveyed was self-reported, and we all know that such a way of treating data isn’t always accurate. The scientists involved in the study admitted it as well.
With or without the risk of developing dementia, it’s obvious that short sleep isn’t an option to consider as it can cause plenty of other dangerous medical conditions. Health is more important than anything, and we should always prioritize the ways to protect it.

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