The New York State Deals With the First Monkeypox Case in a Minor

The New York State Deals With the First Monkeypox Case in a Minor

Unfortunately, monkeypox remains in the front row news. The disease causes symptoms that may be a burden too big to carry. At least some of them can make the patient believe that he’s only having flu: headaches, fever, chills, fatigue, and so on.

According to CNN, the New York State has reported its first monkeypox case that occurred in a minor. To make matters worse, children getting infected with the viral disease in the US don’t represent something entirely new, although the cases are very rare.

The information regarding the new monkeypox case in New York State is still very brief – the city or residence of the individual, as well as how he became infected, and even his gender and age remain mysteries.

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However, there is known that the child is not from New York City. The entire state had a population of 19.51 million back in 2020. As for New York City, 8.38 million people were living there in the same year. 

A new pandemic?

With so many monkeypox cases spreading across the world, it seemed reasonable that people began to worry that the stage for another pandemic might be getting set. According to Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar from Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, monkeypox doesn’t have pandemic potential.

The arguments of the doctor are simple and reasonable. He says that monkeypox is less contagious than COVID, the disease that’s causing the current pandemic. Last but not least, he reminds us that the world has both medicines and vaccines to tackle monkeypox infections. When the coronavirus pandemic began, doctors had nothing of those measures to tackle the disease.

Patients not having their identity revealed doesn’t represent something unusual. This is normal when there is a small number of monkeypox cases.





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