The Flu Season is Back in Business in the USA

The Flu Season is Back in Business in the USA

Even though the flu, which is also known as the influenza virus, is harmless for most people, not everybody gets rid of it too fast. For some individuals, the disease can even knock them out, leaving them lying in bed for weeks. In some other cases, flu can even be lethal.

According to, the flu is back in the USA with improved forces, unfortunately. The disease marks a new flu season after it miraculously disappeared a year ago.

Flu hospitalizations are on the rise in the USA

Not only that hospitalizations because of flu are rising in the USA. Even two deaths among children were reported, reminding us all that flu can indeed be very strong sometimes. Lynnette Brammer, who is providing flu data to the CDC, says about the childhood deaths, as cited by Huffpost,com, that are “unfortunately what we would expect when flu activity picks up. It’s a sad reminder of how severe flu can be.”

Brammer also explains to us how we can be protected from illness related to the flu, as also quoted by

Cover your cough. Wash your hands. Stay home if you’re sick,

If you do get flu, there are antivirals you can talk to your doctor about that can prevent severe illness and help you stay out of the hospital.

The symptoms of the flu are known by just about everybody: cough, fever, chills, fatigue, runny/stuffy nose, headaches, muscle or body aches, sore throat, and so on. These symptoms sure sound very familiar to many, not just because they’re of the flu virus.

Those who are infected with the influenza virus can spread it to others even if they don’t manifest any symptoms. Both treatments and vaccines for the flu exist. In the case of the latter, people need to be vaccinated every year if they want increased protection..


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