The Flu Season Is Around the Corner and Health Experts Say It Might Lead to Three Times More Hospitalizations

The Flu Season Is Around the Corner and Health Experts Say It Might Lead to Three Times More Hospitalizations

The U.S is going through a fourth wave due to the Delta strain of the Covid-19 virus. This has resulted in an overwhelmed medical system, the need for traveling nurses, and other extreme measures to ensure that as many people as possible receive the medical treatment they need. However, the new coronavirus is not the only virus that can threaten human lives. The influenza season is around the corner, and health experts estimate that it will be much more severe than other years, especially for young children. 

New studies predict that there could be a ‘twindemic’ this influenza season

Usually, the average number of hospitalizations due to influenza is around 8,633 in the U.S. Last year, there were only 155 people hospitalized with influenza. The decrease could have been due to social distancing and mask mandates. However, experts believe this year, the influenza season could bring three times as many hospitalizations as in an average year, resulting in two pandemics happening at the same time. This would mean around 600,000 hospitalizations linked to the influenza virus. The timing is bad, considering that hospitals and ICU units are overcrowded with Covid-19 patients. 

Fewer restrictions result in more sick people

Patients with chronic diseases and illnesses such as diabetes or heart conditions will most likely be affected because the medical system is already overwhelmed by the Covid pandemic. Health experts believe that because many restrictions were lifted in the U.S, more people will get sick with seasonal viruses, such as influenza. The flu strain and the influenza are highly transmissible, and if people do not wear masks and respect social distancing, then cases will surge. 

Those who want to protect themselves from the Covid-19 virus, influenza, and other respiratory problems need to get vaccinated and practice social distancing. 


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