The FDA Demands 3 COVID Home Tests If You Want to Get Rid of All Doubts

The FDA Demands 3 COVID Home Tests If You Want to Get Rid of All Doubts

Regardless of how much all of us like to believe that the COVID pandemic will officially go away soon enough, the new BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron subvariants are always there to laugh in our face! Although the world is much well equipped when it comes to fighting the pandemic than it was two and a half years ago, many cases of infection with the coronavirus are still being reported every day across the world.

Knowing for sure that you are infected with COVID is indeed pretty difficult, which is why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) steps in. According to USA TODAY NEWS, the federal agency recommends three COIVID tests over five days returning negative results in order for a person to be sure that he’s not infected. This demand is based on a recent study.

However, the three-test scheme is only a recommendation for those who want to have no retention in smooching their loved one, which means that there’s no use starting to panic and blaming some secret organization that it’s trying to enslave us.

Serial testing remains effective

Douglas Bryant, who is chairman and CEO of QuidelOrtho, the company marketing one of the home tests for the coronavirus, stated as USA TODAY NEWS quotes:

The UMass study adds important data that will be closely examined,

The key takeaway is that serial testing remains an effective tool for both symptomatic diagnosis and asymptomatic screening.

Yesterday, August 12, we shared the news about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) not demanding quarantine in some situations and social distancing anymore. It’s a confirmation that the world is slowly but surely getting rid of COVID-related restrictions.

The most common COVID symptoms remain fever, cough, tiredness, and loss of taste or smell.

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