The FDA Clears a Reader Device for Freestyle Libre 3

The FDA Clears a Reader Device for Freestyle Libre 3

The FreeStyle Libre 3 Sensor is one of the smallest and most discrete sensors able to detect the glucose concentration from the interstitial fluid day and night of the body. The sensor is so advanced that is able to update the glucose result up to every minute. It is even capable of sending the results to the user’s smartphone.

The FreeStyle Libre 3 reader, which is owned by Abbott, has gotten clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The continuous glucose monitor reader can allow people not to have to manually scan the sensor, as it can provide them with information regarding their glucose levels. 

Using the mobile app isn’t mandatory

If you prefer the reader instead of the mobile app to check the results, you can easily do that as well! However, there’s a catch, as you need to change readers. Abbott’s CGM system, the Libre 3 reader, receiving FDA clearance adds to Abbott’s series of successes, which include the system’s approval in 2022. Also, wider insurance coverage for individuals with type 2 diabetes is granted, and its integration with automated insulin delivery systems.
Additionally, Abbott revealed that Medicare would cover the previous generation, the Libre 2, for all people who suffer from diabetes and who take insulin or have experienced troublesome hypoglycemia with other medications.

Diabetes remains a disease that should never be neglected, as those suffering from the condition have higher chances of health problems, such as strokes, heart attacks, as well as kidney failure. Diabetes can even damage the blood vessels in the patient’s eyes, which will lead to permanent loss of vision.

Also, we need to keep in mind that nerve damage and poor blood flow cause many people with diabetes to develop problems with their feet.

The mobile app of the reader is still available and unaffected by the FDA’s decision.


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