The Delta Variant of COVID-19 Overwhelms Florida Hospitals

The Delta Variant of COVID-19 Overwhelms Florida Hospitals

Although medical researchers knew from the start that the Delta strain of COVID-19 makes the disease more infectious, they probably weren’t expecting that Florida will be dealing with one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the nation. That’s what Florida is going through now because of the Delta variant, as hospitals are being pushed to the limit, according to

Furthermore, the state of Florida accounts for roughly 18% of the new COVID cases from the US, as data compiled by John Hopkins University reveals.

The recent COVID surge from the US comes as mostly unexpected by the residents. Everybody thought that the pandemic is having its last breaths in the country not long ago. As for now, reveals very concerning stats regarding the number of daily infections from the US.

Things are looking awful at Florida’s Tampa General Hospital

Dr. David Wein is an emergency medicine physician at Florida’s Tampa General Hospital. He said that the COVID outbreak from that hospital is the most severe he, along with his colleagues, have seen since the start of the pandemic.

Credit:, Gerd Altmann
Credit:, Gerd Altmann

Dr. Wein declared as quoted by

Everyone is working at full capacity and then some, and it feels like we’ve been that way for a long time,

It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now.

Despite the surge in COVID cases from Florida, Gov. Ron DeSanctis still resists calls from the Biden administration as well as state advocacy groups to impose various pandemic-related measures, including mask mandates.

According to data provided by, the USA reached a total number of over 36.9 million COVID infections and more than 634,000 deaths since the very first outbreak of the coronavirus in the country.

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