The CDC Issues Amusing Guidance for How Sexually Active People Must Behave If They Have Monkeypox

The CDC Issues Amusing Guidance for How Sexually Active People Must Behave If They Have Monkeypox

We get it: not even an infection with monkeypox can ruin your love for the chosen one. If you contracted the infection and you still can’t stay away from your life partner, you might be interested in what the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has to say.

The Government agency has recently released guidance for how lovers should behave toward one another if at least one of them has monkeypox. What the CDC has to say can protect your partner, or it will surely make you laugh. Or both, which is even better.

The best choice is to not engage in sexual activity

The CDC tells us that the best choice is to avoid having sex and getting into any kind of physical contact with your partner if you have monkeypox. But if you’re willing to break those rules, here’s what you should do, according to the CDC:

  • Opt for virtual sex that doesn’t imply any physical contact
  • Masturbate along with your partner while at least 6 feet are separating you too from one another
  • Don’t kiss 
  • Have sex with your clothes on or while you’re covering areas of your body where sores or rash exist
  • After finishing the sexual act, wash your hands and anything you’ve used, even sex toys

Last but not least, the CDC recommends you not to be a Casanova anymore during your illness and slow it down if you’re a big hit with the ladies or the gents. In other words, getting more people in your bed can obviously spread the monkeypox virus even more.

The monkeypox disease has caused over 1,000 infections across 29 countries, as the WHO reported a few days ago. The same Government agency now aims to change the name of the virus due to concerns of causing discrimination.


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