The CDC Could Consider Fully Vaccinated for COVID Only Those Who Get the Booster Jab

The CDC Could Consider Fully Vaccinated for COVID Only Those Who Get the Booster Jab

More people than expected of those numerous individuals who chose to get vaccinated for COVID will probably have to take the booster shot as well. There are 53.3% people of the entire world population who got vaccinated with at least the first dose, according to Our World in Data.

According to The Hill, former FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb manifests his expectation regarding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that will surely cause a wave of reactions online. He says that the government agency will consider Americans to be fully vaccinated for the coronavirus when they get the booster dose.

It won’t happen in 2021

In discussion with Margaret Brennan, the moderator of “Face the Nation”, the doctor was asked if the CDC should require the booster dose in order for someone to be considered fully vaccinated for COVID. Gottlieb replied, as quoted by The Hill:

I think at some point they’re going to, but not this year,

I think eventually this will be considered the three-dose vaccine, but I would be hard pressed to believe CDC is going to make that recommendation any time soon, in part because of this debate about whether or not younger people who are less risk should be receiving that third dose in states where governors are looking to do this, and I think some local communities will do it.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone if the CDC will be demanding three doses of a COVID vaccine for a single individual. A recent article from CNN says that the definition of fully vaccinated for COVID switches to three doses instead of just two as it was previously.

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