The Biggest Measles Epidemic in Minnesota from at Least 2 Years

The Biggest Measles Epidemic in Minnesota from at Least 2 Years

Remember measles epidemics? No? Well, that’s because, until recently, no one had seen one for at least two decades (depending on where you live). However, thanks to the anti-vaccination movement, diseases that had been stopped are now developing into epidemics again. And now, the American state of Minnesota is dealing with the largest measles outbreak in the last 20 years (almost 30, if you want to get technical).

That sounds like something that shouldn’t happen in 2017, what with all the astounding medical advance and all, but alas here we are in 2017 dealing with measles. Since April 11, 44 cases of measles have been confirmed in the state, even though the disease was declared eradicated in 2000. However, due to recent false news spreading around the idea that vaccines trigger autism in children, all the diseases we were vaccinated against are coming back. We have the anti-vaxxers to thank for that.

And measles is not something to be taken lightly. If ignored or not properly treated for too long, it can lead to severe complications and even death. On top of that, the disease is highly contagious because it’s airborne, which means that anyone who’s not vaccinated is a sure victim.

While the notion that vaccination can lead to autism has already been debunked by medical research, the notion has become deeply ingrained into the collective consciousness of Americans, as well as several other nations across the globe. It’s a pity to see diseases that can be so easily avoided affect so many people due to such a stupid myth. What is even more unfortunate is that many parents have stated that they’d rather have their child catch measles than be vaccinated and risk developing autism (although that’s not a real risk).


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  1. The CDC reported a measles outbreak in a 100% documented vaccinated population.

    Historical trends show that deaths caused by childhood illnesses had already
    declined as much as 90% before vaccine programs were ever initiated.
    Evidence indicates that an improved standard of living, better
    nutrition, and increased sanitation, caused this drop in disease, not


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