The Acting Career of Bruce Willis Might Be Over Because of Aphasia Diagnosis

The Acting Career of Bruce Willis Might Be Over Because of Aphasia Diagnosis

The famous movie superstar Bruce Willis is facing an aphasia diagnosis, which automatically puts his glorious acting career in danger. Aphasia is the inability to comprehend or formulate language occurring after damage to specific regions of the brain.

Rumer Willis, the daughter of the famous actor, brought the bad news on social media regarding the health situation of her father and that he’s stepping away from his career as an actor.

Bruce Willis is known as the main actor in many movies, and perhaps the most resounding titles are “Die Hard,” “Armageddon,” “Pul Fiction,” “The Fifth Element,” and the list can continue.

Most often, strokes are what cause aphasia. However, any type of brain damage can lead to the horrible language disorder.

No medical cure for aphasia brings a list of facts about aphasia:

  • There’s no known medical cure.
  • Although there’s no cure, most people improve over time, especially if they receive speech therapy.
  • Communication problems can still last a long time.

The list could continue, but the big news is that there is hope when facing aphasia.

Depression is a major issue in our society nowadays, and aphasia can lead to that disorder as well in some cases.

As for types of aphasia, Whitney Rehabilitation Care Center explains that some of them are more severe than others. There are two broad categories of the language disorder: non-fluent and fluent. Wernicke’s aphasia refers to a fluent type of aphasia. Those people who suffer from it are known to use long and meaningless sentences. They could even make up words. The non-fluent aphasia is also known as Broca’s aphasia. These latter people use short sentences, but they have difficulties in producing them.

All we can do now is hope that Bruce Willis will get better soon!

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