Texas State Braces for Impact and Requests Five Mortuary Trailers 

Texas State Braces for Impact and Requests Five Mortuary Trailers 

The recent surge in the number of daily new confirmed cases and the high request for hospitalisations have overwhelmed Texas hospitals. Texas is one of the U.S states with the highest number of daily new infections and a lower vaccination rate. Just a few days ago, North Texas announced there are no more paediatric ICU beds and that the number of paediatric patients has surged more than ever. State officials have declared that Texas requested five mortuary trailers, as the expected number of death be higher than usual. 

Texas is trying to cope with the most recent outbreaks

The request made by the Texas authorities came after recent data indicated that there might be a surge of deaths related to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The request was made on August 4, and the trailers will come from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The trailers will be stationed in San Antonio, and they will travel inside Texas depending on the requests of local officials. There have been more than 80 daily deaths in the last seven days due to the coronavirus. 

Governor Abbott has already taken new measures to stop hospitalisations

On August 13, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, announced that there would be nine additional Covid-19 antibody infusion centres in the state. The implementation will be coordinated by the Texas Departments of State Health Services and the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM). 

Antibody infusions help patients diagnosed with Covid-19 and suffering severe symptoms. The Regeneron monoclonal antibodies prevent hospitalisations. Only doctors can decide who can benefit from this treatment and the idea behind the plan is to help the already overwhelmed medical system. If fewer patients require hospital care, the ICU units will have beds for people suffering from other severe medical problems. 

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