Tens of Millions of Dementia Cases Worldwide Aren’t Diagnosed

Tens of Millions of Dementia Cases Worldwide Aren’t Diagnosed

Dementia is a serious problem for the world, as it’s very hard to treat, and in many cases, it completely demolishes the individual’s cognitive abilities.

But a new study finds out that it’s also pretty hard to diagnose the disease. This is very sad, especially considering that the diagnosing part is vital for receiving treatment.

Over 41 million people worldwide who suffer from dementia weren’t diagnosed

As an article from The Guardian reveals, a new report from the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) brings the grim news that more than 41 million people from all over the world are living with dementia without being diagnosed with the disease. Furthermore, the same source reveals that research by McGill University in Montreal (Canada) claims that for some countries, as many as 90% of individuals suffering from dementia weren’t diagnosed.

Richard Oakley is the head of research from the Alzheimer’s Society. He declared as quoted by TheGuardian.com:

Low dementia diagnosis rates were already a global problem, but these new figures show the scale of the crisis. For those who don’t get a diagnosis, this can cause stress, confusion, and leave them vulnerable to the effects of their condition,

However, current diagnostic tests are expensive, often inaccessible and to make matters worse there’s still stigma around getting dementia, creating additional barriers particularly in some cultures. This has been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. And although scientists had a lot of trouble over the years in trying to find out what’s causing it, a recent study had hopefully shed some light. The research claims that leakage of particles carrying fat may be the cause, as they can transport toxic proteins in the brain.


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