Surgeon Discusses COVID-19 Hot Topics: Natural Immunity, Vaccination Fertility Worries, And More

Surgeon Discusses COVID-19 Hot Topics: Natural Immunity, Vaccination Fertility Worries, And More

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and the United States education secretary Miguel Cardona offered answers to some of the most interesting questions regarding the pandemic:

Do COVID-19 infection antibodies give more protection than the vaccine?

We know that you may have protection in two ways. The most dependable and most reliable protection remains the vaccination. We know you can obtain some protection when you have an illness. It’s not known how long this protection will continue.

Has research been conducted on the mental effect of youngsters having to wear masks in school?

Much was misunderstood, but kids miss their professors, so they miss socialization and participation in extracurriculars. Most of them don’t enjoy wearing masks, but they will if that allows them to study in person.

The vaccination complications were minor, although some were documented. Is that a real risk?

It was observed that there are few adverse consequences of myocarditis, especially with MRNA vaccinations, the Modern and Pfizer vaccines,” Murthy added. It is a cardiovascular inflammation that might seem disturbing. However, the good news is that these instances are relatively small and disappear without much treatment. Basically, our children are all well. What is remarkable about children with COVID is that they are at a far higher risk of myocarditis and other severe complications than children who receive the vaccination.

Is the vaccination influencing fertility?

It is definitely not certain that the vaccination has an effect on your fertility, be it male or female.  We saw a number of individuals get pregnant after receiving the vaccination. We saw a lot of folks who had the vaccination and were doing quite well throughout pregnancy. There are no documented side effects of the vaccine regarding fertility or pregnancy risks.


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