Summer Food Staples That Can Spike Your Blood Sugar Levels

Summer Food Staples That Can Spike Your Blood Sugar Levels

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to break out the cookbooks, dust off the grill and get cooking. But before you start whipping up delicious recipes, it’s important to remember that certain foods can spike your blood sugar levels — especially if you have diabetes.

Here are some summer staples that could put your health at risk if you don’t eat them in moderation:

  • Melons — Watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew melons contain a lot of sugar. They can cause blood sugar to spike rapidly. As a result, these fruits should be eaten sparingly by people with diabetes
  • Grapes — Grapes can cause sharp increases in blood glucose levels because they’re high in natural sugars known as fructose. If you have diabetes, eat less than 1/2 cup per serving when they’re fresh or dried; less than 1 cup when they’re canned or frozen
  • Cherries — Cherries are high in sugar content and should only be eaten occasionally (1/4 cup per serving) by people with diabetes because they can trigger rapid rises in blood glucose levels
  • Strawberries — Strawberries are packed with vitamins A, C and K but also contain natural sugars that could cause spikes in blood glucose levels when eaten by people with diabetes.
  • Fruit juice — Fruit juices are high in natural sugars and can cause spikes in blood glucose levels if consumed on an empty stomach or as part of a meal that contains other carbohydrates, such as bread or potatoes.
  • Grilled meats — Grilling meats can increase their glycemic index (GI) and raise your blood sugar levels. The longer the meat cooks and the more fat content it contains, the higher its GI.
  • Soda pop — Soda pop contains large amounts of sugar (sometimes called “empty calories”). When you consume too much sugar without eating any other food, this can cause your blood sugar levels to rise quickly after drinking soda pop.

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