Suicide And Addiction Death Projections Surge Amidst COVID-19

Suicide And Addiction Death Projections Surge Amidst COVID-19

It’s been just revealed that there’s another horrifying projection that’s been made amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Healthcare systems failed in more countries around the world, and a terrifying economic crisis is getting closer and closer due to the global crisis triggered by the pandemic.

Projections of soaring suicide, drug, and alcohol deaths from the social and economic collapse are worrisome these days as well. Such centers and their patients are struggling to keep going, according to the latest reports coming from the online publication USA Today

It’s been revealed that they have been left out of the formula for federal COVID-19 health care funding which was focused on the immediate financial impact on the hospitals who are caring for coronavirus patients and lost revenue from elective procedures. 

Almost 30 mental health and substance abuse groups representing people from addiction psychiatrists to family therapists have sent a letter to the Health and Human Services Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan on Thursday -they were asking for a separate distribution of money because they’ve been blocked from getting “desperately needed relief funds.”

There’s a lack of government support 

This obvious lack of government support came during a “deep emotional cost for patients and a steep financial one for centers such as CHR,” both groups say as cited by the same online publication mentioned above. 

“Our volume of service dropped through the floor,” said CHR CEO Heather Gates. “This is not elective.”

Other than this, the whole world is working together these days towards the development of a vaccine that could protect mankind from the horrifying coronavirus that managed to ruin our 2020 and who knows how much more time.

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