Study Brings Good News Regarding Vaccine Boosters for COVID

Study Brings Good News Regarding Vaccine Boosters for COVID

You might be hesitant to put a new substance in your body, regardless of how many scientists root for the COVID vaccine boosters. But a new study adds more reliability to vaccination with the controversial boosters, and you should definitely find out about it. writes about a new study published in The Lancet that assessed boosters injected in roughly 2,900 people from the UK. It’s great news for those thinking of getting vaccinated with a COVID jab’s booster dose. Most of the shots improved the immune systems of the participants.

Which one is the best?

Oddly enough, from all of the COVID boosters analyzed, none of them seem to stay upfront as the best.

As quoted by, SVB Leering analysts declared:

In terms of a ‘best’ booster, there is no definitive winner, but there are some losers.

The trial was conducted in June, and all of the participants were fully vaccinated for COVID. They were at least 30 years old. They chose to get injected with AstraZeneca’s or Pfizer’s dose. Not even one of the participants was ever tested positive for the coronavirus.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

For those who are eligible for receiving booster doses for COVID, here’s what Dr. Rochelle Walensky has to say, the CDC director, as quoted by

My understanding is that most people will have done largely well with the initial vaccine that they got and may express a preference, very much, for the original vaccine series they got…There may be some people who might prefer another vaccine over the one that they received, and the current CDC recommendations now make that possible.

A recent article from CNN has claimed that the definition for “fully vaccinated for COVID” is changing to three doses of vaccine.


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