How Is Your Stool Signaling About Your Health Conditions

How Is Your Stool Signaling About Your Health Conditions

Keeping an eye on your health is important and sometimes going to the doctor for a checkup should be the last resort. Your body will signal you if any health problem occurred and so does your poop. Learn what your poop says about your health!

Stool color

  • White (also Gray or Clay-colored) – May indicate a lack of bile, therefore a liver or a gallbladder disorder;
  • Green – Usually indicates the stool passed through your digestive system too fast;
  • Yellow – Shows a poor absorption of fats or a lack of pancreas enzymes;
  • Black – Commonly, a black stool indicates a hemorrhage at the digestive system level;
  • Red –  Red color is commonly given by food or drinks, but if food is not the reason for the red color, then it might indicate blood, hinting to anal fissures, hemorrhoids, or even to more serious problems such as cancer;

Stool smell

Usually, a stool with a very bad and strong smell comes after a meal rich in slightly fermenting foods – beans, cabbage, and so on.
But if you notice that your stools have a bad odor, no matter what you eat, you should be concerned about the condition of the pancreas. Its inflammation – pancreatitis – as well as tumors can produce a bad smelling stool that floats because it contains many fats. Fortunately, such cases are rare.

Stool form

When the stool gets thin as a pencil or similar to almonds it’s probably time to change your diet. The lack of fiber in the diet is usually the culprit for this. But there are other possible causes including colon cancer as the tumor grows inside the colon, so its diameter is smaller, so the stool is thinner. For women, the thin stool can also be caused by uterine fibroids, ovarian tumors or bladder tumors.

If your stool is liquid and is not presenting any solid forms then it’s a clear sign of severe diarrhea caused by food poisoning, bacterial infection, or medicine overdose.


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