Sport Helps Improve the Mental Health of Traumatized Children

Sport Helps Improve the Mental Health of Traumatized Children

According to major study children who have experienced abuse or neglect and take part in sport activities are less prone to develop mental health problems in adulthood.

The study analyzed subjects who had adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and discovered that those who participated in sport activities were less likely to have a mental illness later in life.

Mental health: a priority for abused and neglected children

The study also confirmed that there is a strong link between ACEs (sexual and physical abuse, parental separation and domestic violence) and developing mental illnesses in adulthood.

Researchers from Public Health Wales (PHW) and Bangor University wanted to find out what tools cold help children who were traumatized.

According to the reports, adult members of sports clubs also had a better mental health.

The study was made as a response to a previous one

PHW and Bangor University conducted a previous study in which the results showed that children who experienced ACEs were prone to become physically ill as adults, and those who experience more than four ACEs were twice as likely to develop a chronic disease in their adulthood. The study also showed that they are four times more likely to get type 2 diabetes and three times more likely to develop a heart or respiratory disease.

The current study was made in order to discover tools which could help these children become healthy adults both mentally and physically.


Sport activities have been studies for many decades and it is imperative for everyone to understand the importance of exercising. Children especially should do sports at school and in their spare time. After all there is no better medicine than prevention and it seems that sport is the answer. The study was released and published this week.


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