Specific Meds Can Make People Less Likely to Suffer Deadly Strokes

Specific Meds Can Make People Less Likely to Suffer Deadly Strokes

Every year around the globe, stroke kills twice more women than breast cancer does. The good news is that it can be mostly up to you to avoid a stroke occurring at some point in your life – you need to eat healthily, maintain a healthy weight, avoid smoke and alcohol, engage in physical exercises as much as possible, etc.

Unfortunately, strokes exist, and they could still occur even if we live a healthy life.

CNN shares the news regarding a new study that supports the use of a specific type of medication in order to decrease the risk of suffering from a stroke that’s caused by intracerebral hemorrhage. As you’ve already guessed, because of that terrifying description, we’re talking about the deadliest kind of stroke.

Statins can keep you away from a lethal stroke

The new research in question indicates that using HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (commonly known as statins), which are meds able to reduce illness and mortality for those who are at risk of cardiovascular diseases, can also reduce a person’s chances of suffering a lethal stroke. To come to the new conclusion, the researchers analyzed the data of over 88,000 people who didn’t have a history of strokes.

Dr. Pooja Khatri from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine has a lot of faith in the new study in question that has already appeared in Neurology and that was partially funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The doctor explained, as CNN quotes:

Studies like this latest one sort of put the nail in the coffin because they’re larger and they’re so comprehensive and population-based. This study tells me that if a patient has never had a stroke and they have indications, a statin is definitely a good idea,

It makes us think that we are right to be certain that overall, patients are better off on statins.

Intracerebral hemorrhages occur when the blood from an artery begins to bleed into the brain. 

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