Specific COVID Symptom is Rarer Than Scientists Initially Thought

Specific COVID Symptom is Rarer Than Scientists Initially Thought

Perhaps you already know by now the classic symptoms that should make you worry and grab the COVID testing kit as fast as you say “COVID”. If you’re dealing with a fever, headache, fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell, and so on, there’s a chance you’re infected with the coronavirus.

But not all symptoms that could indicate possible infection with the coronavirus are known to everyone, unfortunately. While the world has been pretty good at downplaying COVID symptoms, one seems to be occurring less rarer than researchers initially thought.

Fewer athletes deal with myocarditis after COVID infection

DeseretNews reveals that fewer athletes have to deal with inflammation of the heart muscle (aka myocarditis) after infection with the coronavirus than it was previously thought.

ACC Expert Consensus Decision Pathway released the following explanation, as abcNEWS quotes:

For athletes recovering from COVID-19 with ongoing cardiopulmonary symptoms … further evaluation should be performed before resuming exercise,

For all others who are asymptomatic or with symptoms less suggestive of a cardiopulmonary etiology … additional cardiac testing is not recommended.

Otherwise, it’s nice to see that many parts of the world are loosening pandemic restrictions. There are a lot more ways to fight the coronavirus now, compared to how the situation was in the early months of the pandemic.

For instance, Canada won’t require a COVID test anymore for those who want to enter the country as long as they’re vaccinated against the virus.

David Rheault from Air Canada, stated as USA Today quotes:

The removal of pre-departure testing requirements will continue to accelerate and stimulate the recovery of Canada’s travel and tourism industry, which we are committed to help rebuild through the restoration of our global network.

According to worldometers.info, a total of over 6 million people have died across the world after getting infected with COVID since the start of the pandemic.

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