South Korea Faces Another Day of Over 100,000 COVID Infections

South Korea Faces Another Day of Over 100,000 COVID Infections

South Korea is one of the countries that have been hardly hit by the COVID pandemic recently. For the second day in a row, South Korea reports today, February 19, over 100,000 COVID infections across its country.

The information is brought by The majority of the coronavirus cases from the recent surge in the Asian country are thought to be caused by the Omicron variant, according to South China Morning Post.

How about the distancing?

Authorities from all across the world believe that the so-called ‘social’ distancing will be an efficient method when it comes to overcoming the surge in COVID infections. Things in South Korea weren’t different, but now the officials from the Asian country revealed that the presidential election from early March would cause such measures to be slightly eased.

However, there’s a COVID variant that spreads even faster than Omicron out there: the BA.2 variant, which is actually a subvariant of Omicron itself. Several countries are already dealing with BA.2, and new research raises the possibility that the subvariant can even cause more severe disease as well.

Dr. Daniel Rhoads, who activates at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, said as CNN quotes:

It might be, from a human’s perspective, a worse virus than BA.1 and might be able to transmit better and cause worse disease.

The world continues to report a worrying number of COVID infections despite the fact that some experts hope that the pandemic is approaching its end. According to, countries such as the USA, Brazil, France, UK, and others are reporting apocalyptic numbers of infections with the coronavirus. Unsurprisingly, the culprit is believed to be the Omicron variant for most of these infections.

Either way, the ongoing pandemic surely has to end sooner or later.


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