South Africa Cases Drop. the Country Eases Lockdown Rules

South Africa Cases Drop. the Country Eases Lockdown Rules

From the 20th of September, South Africa decided to reduce the overnight curfew. Also, gatherings will be allowed at 50% of the capacity of a venue. Furthermore, restrictions on the sale of alcohol will be eased. President Cyril Ramaphosa said that they managed to withstand the coronavirus storm. All the rules regarding social distancing and the mask will remain in place.


South Africa went into lockdown on the 27th of March, and they have more than 650,000 confirmed infections and over 15,000 deaths. The number of cases has dropped from 12,000 per day (back in July) to fewer than 2,000.


The President said: “Now is the time to return our country, its people and our economy to a situation that is more normal, that more resembles the lives that we were living six months ago. It is time to move to what will become our new normal for as long as the coronavirus is with us.”


The country decided to lower its current alert Level 2 to Level 1 from the 20th of September.


What does that mean?


According to the new rules, social, religious, political, and other gatherings are now allowed, but the number of people does not exceed 50% of the normal capacity of a venue. The maximum number of people is of 250 indoors and 500 outdoors.


Also, the maximum number of people who can attend a funeral is 100. Gyms and theaters are limited to 50 people, and they will be able to accommodate up to 50% of their venue’s capacity.


South Africa has shut its borders at the beginning of the lockdown. International travel will resume at the beginning of the 1st of October. Those who come to South Africa will need to present a negative coronavirus test.

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