Some Volunteers Develop Facial Paralysis After Taking Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine; FDA Reacts

Some Volunteers Develop Facial Paralysis After Taking Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine; FDA Reacts

A lot of people have placed their trust in the upcoming vaccines to have the ability to stop the spreading of the virus. 

Also, it’s important to note that there are various treatments that have been developed to tame the symptoms of the disease that’s triggered by the novel coronavirus – Covid-19.

More than that, there have been revealed some interesting detail about the vaccines, and we addressed the issue the other day. 

BBC just noted that people who have a history of significant allergic reactions should not have the vaccine that Pfizer/BioNTech makes, according to regulators. 

This came after two NHS workers had allergic reactions popping up this week. 

4 Volunteers developed facial paralysis following the Pfizer vaccine 

It’s been also reported that four trial participants who got the vaccine experiences facial paralysis, notes the FDA.

They reacted after this happen and said that the issue would have to be strongly monitored as the jab becomes more widely available.

The official documents revealed that Bell’s palsy, which is a form of temporary facial paralysis, has been reported by four of the participants during the phase 3 trial. 

The individuals were administered the vaccine, and it’s also important to mention the fact that the members in the placebo group did not experience similar adverse effects. 

According to, the condition “resembles a stroke, with most sufferers watching helplessly as one side of their face droops and their muscles go limp.”

It’s been reported that in some rare situations, it seems that both sides of the face may become paralyzed.

Another issue worth noting is the fact that it’s not clear yet what causes Bell’s palsy, but it seems that the temporary paralysis usually goes away on its own.

Also, the FDA claimed that the frequency of the health issue is “consistent with the expected background rate in the general population.

The FDA also added that there’s no clear connection between the coronavirus vaccine and the medical condition. But, anyway, they recommended “surveillance for cases of Bell’s palsy with the deployment of the vaccine into larger populations.”

In other recent news, just noted that experts just revealed that one of the potential complications of the virus is also the terrible erectile dysfunction (ED). 


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  1. I have had Bells Palsy 3 times from 7 yrs old to 21 yrs old. I am now 87 and do not think I should have the vaccine until more information is known.


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