Smoking Pot Is As Bad As Smoking Tobacco For Your Lungs

Smoking Pot Is As Bad As Smoking Tobacco For Your Lungs

There is a widespread belief that smoking marijuana is not harmful to lungs. However, according to the American Lung Association, smoking pot is as bad as smoking tobacco. In fact, every kind of smoke we inhale contains possible carcinogens, so it’s harmful to our lungs.

As reported by the American Lung Association, combustion or burning releases a whole bunch of toxins, some of which might favor cancer development when inhaled. Accordingly, they are hazardous to your lungs regardless of what you’re smoking. Besides, the second-hand smoke is as well harmful. In addition to cancer, inhaling smoke frequently causes chronic bronchitis, other respiratory problems, and increased susceptibility to infection.

However, while there are medical trials that established a connection between smoking tobacco and lungs diseases, there is no link between marijuana use and lung conditions. But, according to the American Lung Association, smoking pot is as bad as smoking tobacco.

Mixing marijuana with tobacco is even worse than smoking pot only

Many pot smokers enjoy their marijuana mixed with tobacco in a joint. This habit is even more dangerous than smoking pot alone because it’s exposing consumers to the dangers of tobacco as well. Accordingly, besides lung damage, those who mix marijuana with tobacco prone themselves to heart conditions because of the nicotine.

Also, the authorities think that the legalization of recreative marijuana would also cause a boost in cigarettes smoking because of the pot smokers habit to mix cannabis with tobacco.

According to some health experts, vaping is the ideal alternative for both smoking pot and tobacco as it eliminates the hazardous effect of smoke. However, recent studies concluded that vaping is also harmful to lungs. Thus, it would be healthier to ditch both smoking pot and tobacco.

Additionally, in the current regulatory framework regarding cannabis legalization across Canada, there will be no marijuana-tobacco mixes for sale just for the reasons mentioned above.


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