The Shocking Report of a Johns Hopkins Researcher – Are Flu Vaccines Effective?

The Shocking Report of a Johns Hopkins Researcher – Are Flu Vaccines Effective?

It seems that a researcher from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found the answer by studying reports given by the CDC, Cochrane group and other more cases of patients that had complications after the flu shot.

His name is Peter Doshi, and his claims are backed by various doctors, including a neurosurgeon, Dr. Blaylock.

Flu Vaccines are Not Effective – But Are Full of Side Effects!

Peter Doshi argues that the flu vaccines are worthless, and they have no effect in lowering the risks of catching the flu. Moreover, he strongly believes that the chemicals contained in the vaccines do more harm than good.

For example, an adjuvant called Squalene is connected to cases of auto-immune diseases, this chemical was used in the chemical attacks in the Gulf War.

There is another chemical: Mercury, which is present in a large amount inside a shot. If people were concerned about tuna cans containing mercury: 500 parts per billion, then a vaccine shot contains 51,000 parts per billion!

Mercury is toxic for the brain, increasing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by 10 times, if a person gets the flu vaccine for 3-5 years.

You Either Take the Vaccine or Lose Your Job

The US government promotes vaccines and even force people to take it so that they don’t lose their jobs!

The CDC promotes taking the flu vaccines do people can protect themselves from the flu, but their studies show that only one case in 33 to 100 people is protected from the flu.

Flu shots are recommended to people that are less healthy, to seniors and children, but there are is no solid research to show that the vaccines are effective.

The H1N1 vaccine in 2009 caused children to suffer from convulsions and there was an increase in narcolepsy in teenagers.

Peter Doshi states in his report that ‘Not only is the vaccine not safe, it doesn’t even work’!

Dr. Blaylock agrees with the researcher and adds that the only reason why there are so many doses of vaccines lately is because ‘Vaccinations are a pharmaceutical company’s dream’.

More information on the research can be found on the British Medical Journal’s site.


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