Sex With 10 or More Partners Might Increase the Risk of Cancer, A Study Concluded

Sex With 10 or More Partners Might Increase the Risk of Cancer, A Study Concluded

As recent research resurfaces, we learn that even pleasure in life comes with a high cost. In this case, a potentially deadly one. According to the latest research, having sex with 10 or more partners during your lifetime can increase the risk of cancer significantly. Women are the most to suffer and encounter many more medical issues.

They’re approximately twice as possibly, 91 %, to be diagnosed with cancer compared to those who had sex only once or virgins. Researchers who examined the information from 5,722 adults of 50 and over discovered a direct connection between the number of partners they’d had sex with and their long-term health condition.

Also, those people who were considered more promiscuous were the young ones. They’re more likely to frequently drink, smoke, and engage in physical activity weekly, according to a team of scientists.

What are the Chances to Develop Cancer by Having Sex?

As for the men, the situation was severe, too. Those who had two to four-lifetime sexual partners were 57 % more possible to have been received cancer as a diagnosis than those who reported zero to one partner. Also, men who stated they had sex with 10 or more, were 69 % more prone to have been diagnosed with the deadly disease.

While the research doesn’t confirm a cause, it reflects other discoveries associating with sexually transmitted infections in the production of many hepatitis and tumors.

“The finding that the number of lifetime sexual partners is associated with limiting long-standing illness in women and not men should be noted. This gender difference is interesting, but an explanation is elusive,” reads an excerpt from the research. The diminutive amount of cancer diagnoses in the participants showed the scientists couldn’t examine the results broken down by cancer type.


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