Severe Health Problems Are More Common For Persons With Higher BMI

Severe Health Problems Are More Common For Persons With Higher BMI

A recent study revealed a strong link between BMI and serious health outcomes and death. The results of the survey focused on 2.8 million adults from the United Kingdom. During the European Congress on Obesity which takes place in Glasgow, the results were presented.

Higher BMI increases the risks of severe health issues

According to the study, those who have a body mass index of 40-45 kg/m2, which is severe obesity class III, are 22 times more likely to have sleep apnoea and 12 times as likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared to those with a healthy weight. Adults with obesity class I who have a body mass index of 30-35 kg/m2 have a 70% higher risk of developing heart failure.

“With the number of people living with obesity almost tripling worldwide over the past 30 years (105 million people in 1975 to 650 million in 2016), our findings have serious implications for public health. Body mass index represents an important modifiable risk factor for ameliorating the risk of a wide variety of serious health problems in the general population,” revealed author Christiane Haase from Novo Nordisk.

Increased risk of developing grave health problems

The risks of high blood pressure are also enhanced for those with a higher body mass which can lead to dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes, and chronic kidney disease. Heart issues combined with a cardiovascular event highly increase the chances for a heart attack, stroke, transient ischemic attack as well as heart failure.

“Comparing BMI risk across a large number of outcomes in the same large population sample suggests that risk levels associated with BMI are different for different health outcomes. The health risks linked with having excess body weight are particularly high for type 2 diabetes and sleep apnoea”, added author Christiane Haase.

Accordingly, having a healthy BMI is mandatory for maintaining your health and avoid developing various diseases which might be lethal.


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