Scientists Reveal That COVID-19 Can Cause Irreversible Neurological Aging

Scientists Reveal That COVID-19 Can Cause Irreversible Neurological Aging

One research suggests that those infected with Covid-19 are at a higher risk of acquiring permanent neurological problems. Based on their findings, researchers at Houston Methodist concluded that Covid infection increases the risk of strokes and permanent brain lesions, both of which may cause brain hemorrhage.
The brain is only one of several important organs that Covid-19 is known to enter and infect. Microbleed injuries in deeper brain areas important to our cognitive and memory processes have been established by a number of brain imaging investigations on victims and survivors of Covid.

Researchers have critically assessed the potential chronic neuropathological effects in aging & comorbid populations if treatment intervention is delayed in a review study that appears in the journal Ageing Research Reviews.

Stress, clinical depression, diabetes, and age-related complications are all connected with microbleeds, which are becoming neuropathological markers.

Researchers explain how micro-haemorrhagic lesions caused by the Covid virus may increase DNA damage in damaged brain cells, leading to neuronal senescence and the activation of cell death processes, which in turn impair brain microstructure-vasculature.

These pathogenic occurrences are reminiscent to those seen in neurodegenerative illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and they are predicted to exacerbate symptoms of severe dementia, including cognitive and movement impairments.

Covid’s propensity for developing neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and others, as well as cardiovascular ailments caused by internal bleeding and blood clot-induced damages in the area of the brain responsible for breathing, is also discussed in this study.

The research not only underlines the relevance of the therapy regimen of the “nanozyme” in conjunction with other FDA-approved medications that may be helpful in fighting against this catastrophic illness, but it also recommends numerous techniques to ameliorate some of these results.

Researchers noted that the struggle against Covid will continue and that the importance of vaccination and good hygiene cannot be overstated in an effort to avert such long-term and negative repercussions.

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