Scientists Explain Why Binge Drinking is Not Healthy in the Long Run

Scientists Explain Why Binge Drinking is Not Healthy in the Long Run

We get it, you’re young, and you think that enjoying a few beers once in a while and at your friend’s party is absolutely harmless. Furthermore, you’re a healthy person, so you believe that you have alcohol intake under control. Perhaps we’ve all been there. But is that really the truth?

According to, those who consume alcohol moderately and apply for the ‘binge’ method have significantly higher chances of dealing with alcohol issues by comparison with those individuals who don’t binge, although they consume the same amount of alcohol. In a nutshell, binge drinking means consuming a lot of alcohol once in a while. It’s still something different than playing the role of the lord of the drinks.

Binge drinkers are five times more susceptible to developing alcohol problems

The data of US adults were analyzed by the researchers involved in the new study. It was found that those individuals who are moderate and average drinkers that also binge have about five times higher chances of dealing with problems related to alcohol. They’re also twice as likely to deal with even more alcohol issues a few years later. 

Psychology professor Charles Holahan, PhD, explained as quotes:

What this means is that an individual whose total consumption is seven drinks on Saturday night presents a greater risk profile than someone whose total consumption is a daily drink with dinner, even though their average drinking level is the same.

As for alcohol abuse, perhaps everybody knows by now what diseases it can cause over time: heart disease, stroke, liver disease, high blood pressure, cancer of the mouth, throat, breast, voice box, liver, colon, esophagus, rectum, and more.

The new study was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

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