San Antonio Mayor Says to “Forget the Disinformation” and Urges Residents to Get Vaccinated for COVID

San Antonio Mayor Says to “Forget the Disinformation” and Urges Residents to Get Vaccinated for COVID

COVID infections are rising in the US, and it’s enough to take a look at to convince ourselves about that. Therefore, it seems justified that Mr. Ron Nirenberg, who is Mayor of San Antonio (Texas, US), urges the residents to receive one of the vaccines for COVID.

The Mayor of San Antonio pleaded with those residents who didn’t receive a vaccine and are most susceptible to become seriously ill or die because of COVID infection, according to

Should we forget about disinformation?

While speaking during a countywide briefing, Nirenberg declared, as quoted by

Forget the disinformation that you hear out there,
You are at great risk of severe illness.

The Delta variant of COVID is likely to blame for the recent surge of infections in the US, meaning the most transmissible strain of the coronavirus.

Credit:, Gerd Altmann
Credit:, Gerd Altmann

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff also spoke about the importance of getting a COVID vaccine. He said, as also quoted by

For those that chose not to get vaccinated, I would hope that (the hospitalizations) would send a clear message to everybody,
You better go get your vaccination. It’s a little late to ask for the vaccination when you’re fixing to go on a ventilator.

Bexar County from Texas (US) is confronting with a serious increase in COVID infections and hospitalizations. While five years ago, the average number of hospitalizations was 123, a much larger number of 418 people are reported to be hospitalized as of Friday, according to Nirenberg.

According to Our World in Data, almost half of the entire US population is fully vaccinated against COVID. Also, 26.9 percent of the planet’s population has been vaccinated for COVID with at least the first dose, while 13.5 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. A number of 30.62 million vaccine doses are administered every day.


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