Russia Becomes The First Country To Approve Coronavirus Vaccine – Experts Are Freaking Out

Russia Becomes The First Country To Approve Coronavirus Vaccine – Experts Are Freaking Out

Experts all over the world have been working in a huge race to find a viable coronavirus vaccine that could save us from the dreadful virus.

Well, it seems that Russia becomes the very first country that has such a vaccine and it’s approved. Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed that Russia has approved the coronavirus vaccine and it became the very first country in the world to do this. 

The news was obviously met with skepticism and experts raised concerns that the experimental vaccine still has to complete some clinical trials that are designed to test the safety and effectiveness. 

The vaccine has been dubbed Putnik V and it’s promoted by Putin who said that it works effectively enough and it has been proven efficient, says NBC News

Russia skipped Phase 3 trials 

These are vital to show that a vaccine candidate can successfully prevent infections and doesn’t have serious side effects. In other words, it’s really too soon to know if this or any other potential vaccine is ready to be rolled out. 

“The Russian vaccine gamble is reckless and foolish, whether ‘it works’ or not,” Francois Balloux, a systems biologist at University College London’s Genetics Institute in the U.K., said.

“There’s a lot of mistrust of vaccines for various reasons and we don’t want to feed into it,” Ayfer Ali, an assistant professor of strategy at Warwick Business School in the U.K., who specializes in drug research said.

She continued and explained that “Being first isn’t really important. If there is a vaccine that ends up having serious side effects, we will not be able to convince people to trust it, and possibly other vaccines as well, so we really don’t want to make a mistake here.”

In other news, experts continue to work on all kinds of alternative solutions as well. 

For instance, there’s a recent study that is examining the use of cannabis terpene formulation – NT-VRL on inflammatory conditions – it seems that this has had some promising results in treating cytokine storm syndrome caused by COVID-19.


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