Residents of Hamilton at Risk of Lyme Disease

Residents of Hamilton at Risk of Lyme Disease

Ontario now has a new city on its Lyme disease map and that is Hamilton. The information does not come as a surprise to health care officials since the tick’s population has been slowly migrating up north. The concerns are a reality since a number of local tick catchers discovered three blacklegged ticks last spring and three others last falls. The number, unusual for the area, indicates a possible tick infestation area. Doctors are going to be looking at all the extra data that needs to be accounted for when talking about this disease.

How easily can you get Lyme disease?

People should be aware that the risk of catching Lyme disease from a tick bite is very low. However, the city committee has already planned a meeting where they are going to address how they will manage this tick situation, focusing on the designs in parks and trails which could be improved in order to lower the risk of people getting bitten by ticks.

The biggest problem is that family pets are the easiest carriers of ticks. If one jumps on a dog it will be carried back to the family’s home. In order to provide a good solution to this conundrum, the committee is going to work together with the Royal Botanical Gardens and Conservation in Hamilton.

Lyme disease symptoms

We have previously talked about the risks that blacklegged ticks carry. Yes, if bitten by them you may catch Lyme disease. The symptoms of Lyme disease include nausea, fever, headaches, fatigue, things that one usually experiences when he or she has caught the flu but they can extend to worse things such as nerve damage, arthritis or even heart problems. All in all, since Hamilton is in the exposed area now and things are expected to turn worse if not addressed first, awareness about this large number of ticks should be addressed.


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