Researchers Reveal Easy Trick to Tackle Diabetes

Researchers Reveal Easy Trick to Tackle Diabetes

If you care about your health at least a bit, surely diabetes is not written on your wishlist. While the medical world still struggles to find a cure for it, there could be very simple ways of reducing your chances of developing the condition.

Type 2 diabetes, which is often milder than type 1, affects the vast majority of Americans who are diabetics. It is believed that about 37 million people in the US struggle with some form of diabetes. That means about a tenth of the country’s population. The disease can lead to a lot of complications such as stroke, amputation, heart failure, and even death. Therefore, surely you wouldn’t want to deal with diabetes. Researchers from the University of Limerick think they have an easy solution to the issue.

A short walk can make you less susceptible to diabetes

According to Daily Mail, a review of several studies indicates that going for a short walk after you eat can reduce your chances of developing diabetes. This simple action is thought to reduce blood sugar levels in the body.

Even walks of two to five minutes can offer benefits, according to the research. However, the ideal amount of time spent strolling is one hour to an hour and a half. The explanation is that in this way, the muscles will be able to get enough fuel from the food, and blood sugar levels will reach their maximum. 

The new research investigated seven studies. For five of those studies, none of the participants were diabetics. The other two studies involved both diabetics and non-diabetics. After all of the participants of all seven studies were asked to walk at some intervals, researchers concluded that pretty much any amount of walking after eating was able to improve blood sugar levels.

The new review was published in Sports Medicine.

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