Researchers Finally Know the Name of the Mysterious Disease That Has Killed Dozens of Dogs in Michigan

Researchers Finally Know the Name of the Mysterious Disease That Has Killed Dozens of Dogs in Michigan

Dog owners were panicked because of a mysterious illness that has killed dozens of their beloved pets in the American state of Michigan. The animals started to manifest symptoms such as loss of appetite, fatigue, and diarrhea.

The Michigan Department and Agriculture and Rural Development have now revealed the name for the mysterious disease, according to state officials: canine parvovirus, which is also highly contagious. The news was brought by the New York Post.

Vaccination is the solution

Luckily enough, canine parvovirus is not a new disease at all, which means that there is plenty of hope that many of our furry friends will be saved. There are vaccines for it, and the vets have been treating animals suffering from canine parvovirus for plenty of time.

State Veterinarian Nora Wineland explained as the New York Post quotes:

We have a highly effective vaccine available to help protect dogs from the virus. Dogs that are not fully vaccinated against this virus are the most at risk,

Dog owners across Michigan must work closely with their veterinarians to ensure their dogs are appropriately vaccinated and given timely boosters to keep their pets safe and healthy.

Letting your canine friend outside without supervising it can make it become at risk of becoming infected with the canine parvovirus. Since dogs are often attracted by each other’s fecal matter, that’s precisely what can lead to someone’s pet dealing with the disease. Canine parvovirus can spread from one dog to another very easily via fecal matter, through direct or indirect contact.

For untreated cases of canine parvovirus, mortality can reach even 91%. Most of the deaths take place within 48 to 72 hours after the onset of clinical signs. Not only dogs can suffer from the disease, however, as other animals such as skunks, wolves, cats, and foxes are also on the list.

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