Research Reveals New Weapon That We Can Use Against Depression

Research Reveals New Weapon That We Can Use Against Depression

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people out there in the world who claim that depression isn’t a big deal. Whether they truly believe it or they just want to play the devil’s advocate, it doesn’t matter anymore. Depression is a serious condition that can affect a person’s social life horribly, while the patient may seem ok and even happy in many situations.

The good news is that it’s mostly up to us to avoid developing depression. Working out regularly or even for a few minutes a day has also shown to improve a person’s mood, which is great news. This was known since the dawn of time! Anybody can do a few pushups or go out running in the park; there’s no need to go to the gym.

But even so, there’s still a lot more to learn when it comes to finding out how to stay away from depression and its awful symptoms. A new study sheds some new light.

We should rely on probiotic supplements reveals that new research published in Translational Psychiatry claims that taking probiotic supplements might have a chance of alleviating depression symptoms. The researchers found a connection between mental health and gut health.

A group of participants was assessed for the new study, and researchers concluded that those receiving probiotic supplements had their depression symptoms reduced more compared to those who didn’t take the supplements.

Dr. André Schmidt, who’s the study’s author, explained for Medical News Today and as quotes:

A four-week intervention period further facilitated clinical decision-making, i.e., to decide whether the combination of antidepressants [and] probiotics worked or not. The amelioration of depressive symptoms went along with [an] increased abundance of Lactobacillus.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is a common illness that affects an estimated 3.8% of the world population.

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