Reducing the Risk of Cognitive Decline: Consuming These Two Fruits Daily Will Do the Trick

Reducing the Risk of Cognitive Decline: Consuming These Two Fruits Daily Will Do the Trick

Being very careful with what foods we consume is critical for maintaining good mental health. The old Latin phrase “Mens sana in corpore sano” confirms that the body is strongly related to the mind and vice versa. writes about a new study claiming that certain fruits can help reduce cognitive decline risk in people. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consume them at least two times a day.

Strawberries, oranges, apples, and peppers

Researchers have found that it’s a good idea for individuals to consume a diet including a minimum of half a serving per day of foods that are high in flavonoids such as oranges, apples, strawberries, and peppers. By doing so, they could have 20 percent lower risk of having to deal with cognitive decline.

Walter Willett from Harvard University in Boston declared as quoted by

A colourful diet rich in flavonoids — and specifically flavones and anthocyanins — seems to be a good bet for promoting long-term brain health. Our results are exciting because they show that making simple changes to your diet could help prevent cognitive decline,

The people in our study who did the best over time ate an average of at least half a serving per day of foods like orange juice, oranges, peppers, celery, grapefruits, grapefruit juice, apples and pears.

For the study, 49,493 women were analyzed who had an average age of 48 years old and also 27,6842 men who had an average age of 51. Over two decades of follow-up, the participants completed surveys about how often they consumed various foods.

According to WebMD, the vitamin C present in oranges can help the human body in many ways. It can protect cells from damage, help the production of collagen, boost the immune system, make it easier to absorb iron, and more.

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