Protest Against COVID Restrictions Turns Violent in Belgium

Protest Against COVID Restrictions Turns Violent in Belgium

Europe keeps being jolted by waves of protests throughout its countries. Those who are protesting disagree mainly with COVID vaccination mandates and demand from the governments to revoke them. Lockdowns, masks, and other measures continue to upset the protesters. Many of them invoke conspiracy theories.

One of those countries is Belgium, where protests even became violent, some set off fireworks, and the police intervened using a water cannon and tear gas, according to The same source details the strong impact of the protests, and thousands of people marched through the streets of Brussels.

The European Union HQ was targetted

Many protesters marched towards the EU headquarters, and they couldn’t reach the roundabout outside of the building. Riot officers and a barbed-wire barricade were there to stop them.

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Alain Sienaort, who is a martial arts teacher and one of the European protesters, said as quoted by News24:

I can’t bear discrimination in any form, and now there’s the vaccine pass which is discriminatory, sanctions for [unvaccinated] carers which are discriminatory too, there’s mandatory vaccination which is heading our way,

That’s all discrimination, so we have to fight it. We don’t want a dictatorship.

The newest concern now in the medical world regarding the COVID pandemic has to do with the new Omicron variant. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even revealed recently a dire possibility about the new strain through the voice of its director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky. There’s a chance that Omicron will even become a dominant strain, but only time will tell for sure.

According to information revealed by Our World in Data, the world is pretty far from being entirely vaccinated for COVID: 55% of the planet’s population underwent at least one dose of a COVID vaccine. This confirms the population’s lack of trust in the authorities.




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