Professors Who Cannot Get Vaccinated Will Receive Non-Classroom Assignments, According to NYC Ruling

Professors Who Cannot Get Vaccinated Will Receive Non-Classroom Assignments, According to NYC Ruling

The independent arbitrators have requested non-class tasks from city educators with specific proven medical issues as a result of the order by Mayor de Blasio, that all public teachers should be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“As a group, teachers have overwhelmingly supported the vaccine, but we have members with medical conditions or other reasons for declining vaccination. After our demand for independent arbitration, the city-backed off its initial position that all unvaccinated personnel be removed from payroll, and will offer out-of-classroom work for those with certified medical or other conditions,” said Michael Mulgrew, who is the president of the United Federation Of Teachers.

The arbitrator also decided that those workers who are unwilling to take the vaccination should either be provided a non-payable leave that retains the health coverage or a compensation package. Mayor de Blasio stated on 23 August that by at least one shot of vaccination will be needed for each of the municipal school system employees, including teachers, directors, custodians, and the Central Office personnel. The announcement deleted the prior test option, which permits municipal personnel to be either completely vaccinated or tested by COVID-19 on a weekly basis.

The arbitrator concluded that exceptions would be allowed for registered and organized religious groups were examined and not if the objection was personally, politically, or philosophically motivated. Requests by clergy or religious authority seeking specific exemptions should be clearly documented. The very same arbitrators deciding on medical exemption requests will decide on appeals for religious exemptions.

An insurance pay which included reimbursement of leftover disease days and health insurance until the conclusion of your school year must be provided for employees who do not take an unpaid absence, as stated in the judgment. They also have the right to request in future for a comeback to city schools.

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