Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease By Sleeping Better, Drinking Wine, And Doing Exercises

Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease By Sleeping Better, Drinking Wine, And Doing Exercises

According to the latest CDC report, Alzheimer’s disease will affect more than 14 million people by 2050, while, in the present-day, is the 6th cause of death in the US. At the moment, there is no treatment for this neurodegenerative disease, but experts recommend different approaches to deal with its symptoms. Now, however, according to a new study, anyone can prevent Alzheimer’s disease by sleeping better, drinking wine, and doing exercises.

More specifically, preventing Alzheimer’s, as well as tackling its symptoms, can be reduced to physical activity, diet, and lifestyle.

According to Harvard researchers, a combination of Mediterranean diet and DASH diets, both rich in vegetables, olive oil, nuts, whole grains, fish, poultry, beans, and red wine, is recommendable for the older ones to either prevent or tackle Alzheimer’s disease or its symptoms.

In newer research carried out by the American Chemical Society, the scientists revealed that beets, rich in betanin, a compound that binds to metals in the body, enhances the cognitive function by improving the oxygenation at the brain level.

Sleep better, drink wine, and do exercises to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

All these studies, however, agree on three essential aspects of Alzheimer’s disease prevention.

Accordingly, sleeping more, moderate wine consumption, especially red wine, and regular physical activity, are the three elements that can prevent the development of the most common neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer’s.

Bear in mind, that red wine should be consumed with moderation, only one glass during or after dinner. Otherwise, if drinking too much alcohol, you’ll be more exposed to develop a neurodegenerative disease.

Physical activity can also prevent you from developing Alzheimer’s disease. Specialists recommend aerobic or cardio exercises to reduce the risks of developing dementia.

The last but not least, sleep is another aspect of the brain’s health, thus, to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. A healthy lifestyle is characterized by at least 8 hours of good night sleep during which the organs in our body, including the brain, are repaired and regulate their functions.


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