Preexisting Health Conditions and Old Age Can Lead To Severe COVID-19 Infections in Fully Vaccinated People

Preexisting Health Conditions and Old Age Can Lead To Severe COVID-19 Infections in Fully Vaccinated People

Recent research has shown that vaccinated persons who catch COVID-19 and develop a severe form of the disease are more likely to be elderly with previously existing illnesses.

“Overall, older population with underlying heart or lung disease, or with the weakened immune system were the most highly represented in those with breakthrough cases with symptoms,” explained the leader of the study, Dr. Hyung Chun from the Yale School of Medicine.

As per comments made on the Lancet Infectious Disease site last week, Chun and his team have identified 969 patients hospitalized to the Yale New Haven Health System institutions who screened positive for COVID-19 throughout the period of 14 days from March 23-July 1. All individuals had to be tested when hospitalized and might have visited the hospital for diseases other than Coronavirus.

Approximately 18 percent of the infected individuals got at least the first dose of the vaccine. A third of those were completely immunized, records have shown. The study showed that out of those fully vaccinated, 14 individuals had serious or urgent diseases and needed additional oxygen assistance.  Four of them in a mechanical ventilator were in an intensive care unit and three passed away.

The scientists found that patients with serious illnesses were aged between 65 and 95 and averaged 80.5 years.  Comorbidities previously occurred, such as cardiovascular, pulmonary, obesity, and diabetes type 2. Some individuals had immunosuppressive medicines, which can influence the effectiveness of the vaccination.

In avoiding serious disease due to the COVID-19, vaccines remain quite effective. In comparison to individuals who were not vaccinated, the probability of getting serious COVID-19 infections is much reduced. A wide range of studies have shown that Coronavirus vaccinations to be efficacious and to be of use in controlling the pandemic, however persons who are completely vaccinated in exceptional instances catch the virus and get what are known as breakthrough cases. Even more rarely, an outbreak leads to serious disease.

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