Post Coronavirus Pandemic World: Millennials Build New Businesses

Post Coronavirus Pandemic World: Millennials Build New Businesses

The coronavirus pandemic managed to change all kinds of aspects of our normal lives and much of the economy that’s built. CNBC chose to address the fact that out of crisis comes opportunity and the online publication discusses something that’s being done by some young entrepreneurs. 

It’s been revealed that in Singapore, fast-growing start-ups in the food, retail, and technology industries have been working really hard in order to respond to the changing environment.

Developing new businesses 

CNBC Make It spoke to three millennial entrepreneurs in order to find out as much as possible about the ways in which they’re meeting new consumer demands, and what that might mean for a post-pandemic world.

An ex-engineer Ben Swan who is the co-founder and CEO of Singaporean agrifood start-up Sustenir notes that “Sustenir’s vision is to actually grow a more resilient future.” Sustenir is a vertical urban farm, which enables non-native produce to grow in controlled, indoor environments.

“Singaporeans became a lot more aware of where their produce was coming from,” he said.

Meanwhile, border closures made some foods harder to get, as CNBC reports. “There’s a big focus now on how do we get our productivity up.”


We recommend that you check out the complete original article in order to find out more about the new businesses that are being developed in the middle of this pandemic.

In other news, it’s been reported that when a coronavirus vaccine is out on the market, people will probably need a couple of doses instead of just one.

This could reportedly cause massive issues, according to the latest reports coming from CNN.


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