Possible E. Coli Contamination Makes Comfy Cow Ice Cream To Recall Pints

Possible E. Coli Contamination Makes Comfy Cow Ice Cream To Recall Pints

Possible E.coli contamination has determined the Comfy Cow Company to recall multiple pints from various stored in Missouri. The firm was notified on the 19th of June through an internal testing of possible E. Coli contamination. Several flavors were listed as positive for the bacterium or showed as having high amounts of coliform.

A list of the recalled flavor pints

The Comfy Cow firm recalled the following pints off the market: Chocolate Squared2, Cow Trax, Intense Dark Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Banana Puddin Y’all, Double Fold Vanilla, Georgia Butter Pecan, Salted Caramel and Strawberry Fields Forever.

No cases have been reported

So far, no cases of E. Coli contamination have been reported in the Missouri area by Comfy Cow ice cream consumers. According to the company, the pints were delivered between the 13th and the 21st of July. This shows that internal testing is very important when companies deal with food items which can easily get contaminated with possibly dangerous bacteria.

E Coli contamination

E.Coli is a disease-causing bacterium, however, only some strains cause diarrhea. This bacterium can cause infections even if just a small amount was swallowed. Another way of getting E.Coli sickness is from eating undercooked meats, hamburgers or from swallowing contaminated water (pool waters). Also, it can be transmitted from person to person contact. Medical staff recommends avoiding eating raw, unpasteurized milk, soft cheeses, undercooked beef or certain vegetables which were not thoroughly washed.

People could get easily E.Coli bacteria if they do not wash their hands properly and also during zoo visits.

The Comfy Cow

The Comfy Cow is a company started in 2007 which sells handcrafted ice creams. The owner went to the University of Wisconsin and the University of Florida where he studied about ice creams in order to create the perfect one.


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