Poor Sleep Might Lead to Inflammation in the Brain

Poor Sleep Might Lead to Inflammation in the Brain

Perhaps everybody knows by now that not getting enough sleep at night can seriously jeopardize your health. A new study confirms that by claiming that poor sleep during the night can lead to a dangerous type of brain inflammation, according to BestLife.

To make the long story short, not getting enough sleep at night will lead to the development of inflammation in the brain. Changes that occur in the blood vessels might be to blame, according to a theory from Harvard researchers. A lot of people out there in the world already have trouble sleeping as much as they need for different reasons.

Here’s what a statement says, as BestLife quotes:

During sleep, blood pressure drops and blood vessels relax. When sleep is restricted, blood pressure doesn’t decline as it should, which could trigger cells in blood vessel walls that activate inflammation.

The glymphatic system can also be affected by a lack of enough sleep at night. If you haven’t heard about the glymphatic system, it’s understandable. It’s the term describing a recently discovered system responsible for macroscopic waste clearance. It uses perivascular channels that are formed by astroglial cells to help efficiently eliminate metabolites and soluble proteins out of the central nervous system.

The same source mentioned above quotes other important statements saying:

In the deepest sleep phases, cerebrospinal fluid rushes through the brain, sweeping away beta-amyloid protein linked to brain cell damage,

Without a good night’s sleep, this house cleaning process is less thorough, allowing the protein to accumulate—and inflamma­tion to develop.

According to the Sleep Foundation, sleep is something essential that allows both our minds and bodies to recharge themselves. As long as a person is getting healthy sleep, the body can remain healthy as well and even fight off diseases. The same source confirms that the brain cannot function in a proper way if the individual doesn’t get enough sleep.


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