Pharmaceutical Company’s Pill Promises to Reduce By Half the Risk of COVID-Related Hospitalization and Death

Pharmaceutical Company’s Pill Promises to Reduce By Half the Risk of COVID-Related Hospitalization and Death

Treating a disease so dangerous like COVID with just a pill surely sounds incredible, but the scientists from the American pharmaceutical company Merck are justified to believe that it’s possible. An experimental drug has some exhilarating results when it comes to treating the coronavirus.

Merck announced that the molnupiravir drug reduced the risk of COVID-related hospitalization and death by almost half during an international clinic trial, according to The Washington Post.

Merck aims to apply for emergency authorization ASAP

Treating COVID with a pill that’s easy to take sounds perfect for the USA, as the country has a lot to suffer because of the ongoing COVID pandemic. The USA has surpassed 700,000 COVID-related deaths. The aim to defeat the pandemic is surely overwhelming, but the efforts continue. The officials are adding a lot of faith in the vaccination campaign that continues.

Timothy Sheahan, who was implied in the research for molnupiravir and a virologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hil, declared as quoted by The Washington Post:

First and foremost, preventing covid with a vaccine is always going to be preferable to treating it,

Mistakes can be made in treating infectious disease, and people can die.

Anthony Fauci, who’s the top infectious disease expert in the US when it comes to COVID, was briefed by officials from Merck on the results of the trial. Fauci stated he is exceptionally struck that there were no deaths for people who took the drug in the trial, while eight deaths occurred for those who were given placebo pills.

According to Our World in Data, more than 45.5% of the planet’s population has been vaccinated for COVID with at least one of the doses.



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