Pfizer’s Vaccine Is Less Effective Against Delta Variant of COVID Compared to Other Strains

Pfizer’s Vaccine Is Less Effective Against Delta Variant of COVID Compared to Other Strains

The Delta variant of COVID-19 continues to cause major concerns as it rapidly spreads. Since its discovery, scientists knew that the world would be dealing with a more infectious and more dangerous form of the coronavirus. As experts are adding a lot of faith in the vaccines, they sometimes might not represent the best idea.

According to a new scientific study that The Hill writes about, getting vaccinated for the coronavirus with Pfizer’s jab will only grant 88 percent effectiveness against the Delta variant, which means significantly less compared to the 93.7 percent efficiency shown by the same vaccine against the alpha variant of COVID.

Scientists still have faith in Pfizer’s vaccine

The new study also grants some reassurance that the Pfizer vaccine is effective against the long-debated Delta strain, although it doesn’t offer one hundred percent protection.

Also, the new findings represent a relief for those who were worried about a recent Israeli study that concluded the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine to be only 64 percent in the fight against the Delta variant of COVID. However, that previous study involved methods that weren’t considered reliable by some experts.

Angela Rasmussen, who is a virologist from the University of Saskatchewan, wrote on Twitter as a response to the conclusion of the new study:

Vaccines work, even against variants,
Get vaccinated if you haven’t already.

The US officials continue to highly recommend the citizens to get a COVID vaccine, as the daily numbers of infections are surging in the country.

The Delta variant of COVID is currently dominant in the US, the hardest-hit country by the ongoing pandemic, and there’s no telling when the nightmare will end.

The new study on Pfizer’s effectiveness against the Delta strain of the coronavirus was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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