Pfizer CEO Reveals When Life Will Return to Normal Worldwide, Without COVID Restrictions

Pfizer CEO Reveals When Life Will Return to Normal Worldwide, Without COVID Restrictions

At some point, it seemed almost impossible to live without the numerous pandemic restrictions that have taken charge for some months. But since the human need for progress and freedom is stronger than any pandemic, it’s only a matter of time until everything will return to normal, as it was before the coronavirus took over the world.

Thanks to the CEO of Pfizer, Mr. Albert Bourla, we have a pretty precise date for how long the pandemic restrictions will still last. He spoke for, and as you’ve already guessed, he believes that the vaccination campaigns will play a major role in the equation.

Everything will return to ‘normal’ worldwide by the end of 2022

If the pandemic restrictions are lifted until the end of next year for the entire planet, as Pfizer’s CEO believes, developed countries will be even luckier: Mr. Bourla says that their citizens will finally experience a “normal” life by the end of the current year.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

While speaking during an interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin via the CNBC Evolve Global Summit, Pfizer’s CEO said:

I think the whole world will have enough volumes [of vaccine doses] by the end of 2022 to vaccinate, to protect everyone,
And I think that by the end of this year, the developed world will already be in this situation.

Mr. Bourla also says that Pfizer has contracts with over 120 countries from all over the world. Most of the vaccines, until now, were shipped to developed countries because the orders for the doses were placed in advance.

According to Bloomberg, more than 2.47 billion vaccine shots for COVID were given across 180 countries. That means enough to fully vaccinate 16.1% of the entire world population.

As for the USA, meaning the world’s most affected country by the ongoing pandemic, Anthony Fauci said that in order for life in the country to return to “normal”, vaccinating between 70% and 85% of the population is a “must”.

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