Pfizer and Merck are Seeking Authorization for Their Promising COVID Pills, But There’s a Catch

Pfizer and Merck are Seeking Authorization for Their Promising COVID Pills, But There’s a Catch

Pfizer and Merck are preparing to release pills for treating COVID patients, and the early clinical research studies have shown promising results. Plenty of people throughout the world are still unwilling to get vaccinated for the coronavirus. The chances are good that the upcoming meds of Pfizer and Merck will prove to be good solutions.

The news regarding the COVID pills of Pfizer and Merck is brought by abcNews, and they’re aiming to stop a person from becoming severely ill from the coronavirus. The spread of the new Omicron variant has been very concerning lately, and any weapon that humanity can have against it is worth trying. Both Pfizer and Merck are confident that their pills will be efficient against Omicron.

Available even in the pharmacies?

The pills that Pfizer and Merck are working on will become available in pharmacies if they receive authorization. You’ll even get them as prescribed by the doctor.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Dr. Roy M. Gulick declared as quoted by abcNews:

In early clinical research studies, both [drugs] demonstrated a significant decrease in the progression of COVID-19 in high-risk patients.

Dr. Arthur Kim believes that those who need the pills are the ones with high-risk factors. Whether we’re talking about the unvaccinated, the ones with chronic conditions, elders, or immunocompromised, they’re all on the list.

The pills need to be taken early after diagnosis

There’s no need to be Einstein to figure out that many people who get COVID aren’t diagnosed right away. A lot of folks who get infected will just assume that it’s a common cold if they’re going through a mild form. But for the new pills to work, they must be taken just within three to five days after diagnosis, meaning before an infected person gets severely ill.

Dr. Paul Currier explains, as cited by the same source mentioned above:

Once a patient becomes critically ill, the virus has already caused a lot of inflammation in the body that likely cannot be stopped by medicines that only target the virus itself.

Are you happy about the new pills from Pfizer and Merck awaiting approval? Feel free to comment!


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