People With Bipolar Disorder Are Particularly Vulnerable To The Negative Effects Of Air Pollution

People With Bipolar Disorder Are Particularly Vulnerable To The Negative Effects Of Air Pollution

It is possible that fewer vascular incidents will occur in heart patients who receive flu shots. The risk of cardiovascular events and deaths is increased in those with influenza, according to a study published in Lancet Global Health Research. Across eleven nations in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, a group of doctors from around the world (including one from AIIMS, Delhi) carried out the study. 

One of the researchers, Dr. Ambuj Roy, has said that vaccination rates are too low and that all cardiac patients should have the vaccine right away.

Heart attacks are a common complication of seasonal flu, and people with heart disease may also experience periods of heart failure. Therefore, we typically advised cardiac patients to get flu vaccines once a year.

This study, which was the first randomized controlled trial of the vaccine in individuals with heart failure, found that getting vaccinated against the flu does lower the risk of heart events occurring during flu season. This, too, varies greatly among regions.

Community-acquired pneumonia was reduced by 42% and all-cause hospitalization by 16% due to the vaccination. Heart failure and pneumonia hospitalizations were reduced due to the vaccine, which contributed significantly to the overall decrease in hospitalizations. In a pre-specified analysis of events that occurred during peak influenza circulation times, participants who had received the influenza vaccine had a lower risk of the first co-primary composite outcome.

Is there any evidence that people are more likely to suffer from heart problems during flu season? The flu can cause heart attacks in patients in the same way that air pollution might. There is an increase in the frequency of heart attacks and heart failures during times of high pollution. One week after having the flu, your risk of suffering a heart attack increases dramatically, according to research. Even if you only have a little deposit in your artery, it can easily be ruptured by environmental or infectious factors and cause a heart attack. This is why the flu shot is administered to high-risk populations. The uptake of the vaccination is not very great and studies from India reveal that barely one to two per cent of eligible cardiac patients receive immunizations. Maybe the problem is a lack of understanding. The influenza vaccination has been designated a “class one therapy” for cardiac patients in the West, and its use is far higher there than in middle income nations.

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