Peculiar Fungus Shows Pandemic Potential

Peculiar Fungus Shows Pandemic Potential

The yeast known as Candida auris, which can cause long-lasting infections, might soon gather a lot more attention than before. Discovered more than a decade ago after an old Japanese woman had the unpleasant experience of dealing with it, the yeast is more different than what scientists have known until that point.

Candida auris is now proving to be stress-resistant and able to trigger infections that cannot be overcome using usual antibiotics. Experts are even worried that the yeast could become a planetary health problem, according to SciTechDaily.

Candida auris has spread to all continents

If you think that the fear of experts regarding the yeast in question is exaggerated, you should keep in mind that Candida auris has already reached all continents of our planet. 

However, it needs to be said that if you see a fungus on your skin, that’s not exactly a good reason to start worrying. The fungus will become dangerous when and if it accesses the bloodstream. 

Maria Szomek from the research group of Daniel Wüstner, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, explained more about the dangers of the Candida auris:

The problem with this yeast is that it is very difficult to kill. It is multi-resistant, and thus you risk serious infections that cannot be treated,

There are many types of medicine on the market that can fight fungal infections – including Candida auris. But they are becoming less and less effective because Candida auris is extremely good at developing resistance, so the challenge now is to develop better medicines that work. This means medicine, which not only inhibits the growth of yeast but actually kills any remaining yeast cells.

A new study about the Candida auris has been published in ScienceDirect. Stay tuned to find out more interesting news regarding the yeast!

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